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Radial Motion is a concept-to-product engine house specialising in innovative designs for specific applications.

Our flagship compact radial engine is the affordable dream for motorsport enthusiasts, custom car builders and lovers of machinery with personality. Click here to learn more.

Initially developed by passionate mechanical engineers for aviation use, the Radial Motion engine is robust, simple and high performing, while delivering an emotive exhaust note from a product with tremendous visual appeal. In a world of copycats, Radial Motion’s compact radial engines stand alone. 

In addition to our radial engine range, we are actively exploring further innovative engine designs. We have a fully instrumented Froude water brake dyno and the capability to design, test and manufacture powerplants to meet stringent criteria in a range of industry settings.

Current design concepts being explored at Radial Motion include a modular suite of V2, V4 and V6 engines and low-volume bespoke engine solutions for defence applications. Diesel, petrol, hybrid and jet fuel options are all being explored, along with unusual crank designs.  

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In normally aspirated form, Radial Motion engines can produce up to 100hp per litre, depending on the level of tune desired. The engines offer significant scope for turbocharging or supercharging to achieve higher power levels.

Expressing the visual appeal of traditional radial motors from times gone by, the Radial Motion product is clean and uncluttered, with a unique symmetry.

The engine note from the 120° triple is unique and distinctive, adding an audible flair to any build.


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In keeping with our philosophy of "the affordable dream", all Radial Motion products are self-serviceable and simple in operation. Rebuilds are straightforward and engines have long service intervals due to their robust nature.


Fresh off the dyno, our compact radial engine takes a trip in a trike and meets up with a distant cousin in the form of a Boeing biplane.

CLICK HERE for more Radial Motion videos.

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The Radial Motion engine gets a great writeup in the December 2020 edition of Australian Sport Pilot Magazine. Click on the image to read it online – go to page 64.



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