Radial Motion engines look different, sound different, are ... very different.

Lightweight and compact, our three-cylinder and forthcoming multi-bank radial engines deliver sparkling performance and rock-solid reliability for aviation, automotive and utility applications.

Inspired by the dawn of aviation, built with the technology of today, the Radial Motion engine recaptures the raucous spirit of an earlier time without sacrificing reliability or performance. With a simple, robust design that can be modified and tuned by enthusiasts, the Radial Motion engine delivers ample power and abundant personality.

The unique engine rhythm announces to the world that your build is something out of the ordinary. 

For motorsport applications, the Radial Motion engine’s high output, light weight and slim profile offer instant benefits. The use of readily available components such as pistons, conrods and valves makes repair and maintenance simple and affordable.

Featuring an integral dry sump system, the motor has a surprisingly low centre of gravity and good ground clearance in most automotive applications.

Engines are available as turn key packages including inlet, exhaust and ancillaries or as long motors.

Available as 1.6 litre or 2.0 litre variants

Air-cooled or water-cooled configurations.

Dry sump lubrication

Available as long & complete engines with manifolding, ancillaries & ECU

Normally aspirated power range: 120hp - 200hp 

Price: POA

Watch our first production model Radial Motion engine start and run on the dyno for the first time.