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Radial Motion was formed in collaboration with Bespoke Engineering in South Australia. Bespoke Engineering is an innovative engineering company that provides novel solutions to varied industries and specialises in prototype design and manufacture.

Radial Motion and Bespoke Engineering have been undertaking development of a three-cylinder radial engine since 2017. The engine was conceptualised in-house by designers and engineers with the end user in mind, making it simple, modular and with interchangeable parts. 

Today Radial Motion has both water and air cooled variants of the three-cylinder Radial Motion product and is currently developing a 4-litre six-cylinder version. The modular design of the product lends itself to nine and 12-cylinder engines for various applications in the future.

The company possesses an enviable suite of engineers with experience in aviation, mechatronics, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Radial Motion is also exploring innovative engine solutions for defence, industrial, marine and civil applications, including engines in V2, V4 and V6 configurations, using fuels including diesel, petrol and jet fuel, along with hybrid options.

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