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The robust nature of the Radial Motion product lends itself to applications that require outstanding performance combined with reliability and low service costs. The light weight and compact packaging of the motor opens up opportunities within aviation, motorsport and other industries requiring guaranteed product uptime such as defence and emergency services.

plane green.jpg

Radial Motion is developing engine solutions for global military applications.

With our design expertise and manufacturing capability we are well placed to meet the needs of military contractors in both aviation and ground-based applications.

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The Radial Motion engine is available with a planetary gearbox and mechanical clutch to suit various light aircraft applications. 

radial 2000 F3 image grey.png

Whether you are a low-volume vehicle constructor or an individual car enthusiast, the range of Radial Motion engines presents an opportunity to bring a unique look and sound to your vehicle platform while achieving exceptional centre of gravity characteristics, outstanding reliability and high performance.

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The range of Radial Motion products can be adapted to various industry applications requiring compact and lightweight motor drives. This includes generators, pumps, mechanical plant and equipment, marine applications and hybrid applications through the integration of the Radial Motion electric drive system.

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